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Language pedagogy is undergoing a radical transformation. From the traditional four-walled classroom to digital platforms, we focus on innovative methods and approaches that not only bolster linguistic competencies but also inspire a lifelong passion for learning languages. By embracing interdisciplinary research and focusing on progressive pedagogical strategies, our aim is to help redefine how language education is perceived, taught, and learned.

Multicultural education, on the other hand, is an essential catalyst for promoting equality, social justice, and mutual respect in our diverse world. Our journal provides a platform for scholars, educators, and policy-makers to share evidence-based insights, practices, and pioneering research that help create inclusive educational environments and curricula, fostering global citizenship and shared human values.

Further, we recognize the pivotal role of educational technology in shaping future learning landscapes. From AI-driven personalized learning to immersive VR experiences, we delve into the vast potential of edtech innovations. Our commitment is to critically examine, highlight, and understand their impacts and implications, offering thoughtful perspectives on their use, efficacy, and ethical considerations.

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