Author Fee

Publication Fee

All articles accepted after the peer-review process are subjected cost of US $ 55. This fee will be used for:

  1. Website maintenance and security, data back-up, hosting extension,
  2. Turnitin checks, Grammarly check, and DOI fees (annual and each article)

There is no additional cost upon submission and rejected articles and no additional charges based on the length of an article, figures, or supplementary data, also the editorial items (Editorials, Corrections, Additions, Retractions, Letters, Comments, etc.).


Waiver Policy

Tamaddun publishes quality open access articles, allowing the scientific community and the public to gain free and immediate access and reuse the content freely with proper attribution. We give all authors (national and international authors) Article Processing Cost to be Free of Charge until Vol. 19 No. 2 December 2021

  1. Specifically for the authors from outside Southeast Asia, starting on Vol. 20 No. 1 June 2022 just subjected cost to be 50%   

Other Fee (optional)

If authors or other parties needed printed/hard copies of the journal, the cost is the US $ 25 for each copy should be paid for the printing, binding, and post courier (Indonesian postal service). Please note that international courier delivery service will cost more and need a separate discussion.

Please send us an email stating your interest in printed copies and receive further details.