Focus and Scope

The journal is a venue for scientific studies and peer-reviewed journal. We welcome submission from across the world. Authors are charged to submit articles and research/discussion regarded for the relevant topic  both theory or practices in language, literature, and culture

Authors requested to submit, primarily, but not exclusively, are academicians, practitioners, graduate students, and others interested in language, literature, and education research.

The distinctive addition to original articles, the journal aspects specifically cover the following sections :

Language :

  1. Language Teaching
  2. Curriculum Development
  3. Translation
  4. Second Language Acquisition

Literature :

  1. Historical Literature
  2. Modern Literature
  3. Literary Education
  4. Classical Literature
  5. Early Language
  6. Arabic Literature

Culture :

  1. Religion
  2. Cultural Identity
  3. Ethnography
  4. Culture in Political, Economy, and Social Context

The major criterion expected for publication in Tamaddun Life is the concern of the contribution article impacts both practices and theory in language, literature, and education in precision analysis and the cohesion on the focus and scope.

All Manuscripts have to provide a review of the literature that assigns the research problem or the issue conducts the implications and limitations of the research or argument.