Tamaddun: Jurnal Bahasa, Sastra, dan Budaya

Tamaddun is a multidisciplinary peer reviewed and open access journal in language, literature, and culture. The aim is to publish conceptual and research articles that explore the application of any language in teaching and the everyday experience of language in education. Its scope is international in that it welcomes articles from academics, researchers, graduate students and policy makers. All articles should be in English.

The scope of journal: language teaching; education; curriculum development; humanities; literature; culture; applied linguistics; culture and power in language education; multiculturalism; gender; lculture and identity; literacy, bilingualism and biliteracy education; translaguaging; classic and modern literature; religion; cultural identity; and literary education.

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Tamaddun is published by Faculty of Literature Universitas Muslim Indonesia in collaboration with Indonesian Applied Linguistics Association.
Published: 2022-06-07